Corporate Trainings

trainingsLeaders of successful businesses and organizations know that healthy relationships (both at home and at work) promote a more vibrant and productive work environment. But many of us don’t have access to relationship strategies and tools that will keep our personal and professional relationships healthy.

Omaha Relationship Institute is eager to partner with you to offer presentations, workshops and trainings to improve the interpersonal dynamics and communication skills of anyone involved with your organization.

We offer a variety of topics relevant to relationship support and development. Choose from such workplace relationship topics as:

  • The Sound Relationship Work Environment
  • Managing Conflict In The Office
  • Building Rituals of Connection In The Workplace
  • The Delicate Art of Giving Feedback
  • Communicating For Understanding In The Work Environment

trainingsOr select from this list of personal relationship wellness topics:

  • The Sound Relationship House
  • Helping Each Other Manage External Stress
  • Managing Conflict At Home
  • Building Relationship Rituals of Connection
  • Learning To Process A Fight Or Regrettable Incident
  • Listening For Understanding
  • Speaking So Your Partner Will Listen

You can also select the format that will work for your office and event. Possible formats include:

  • Short, informative and entertaining “Lunch & Learn” style presentation
  • Intensive treatment of a particular relationship topic structured as a good fit for a conference breakout session
  • Half or full day interactive workshop
  • Keynote address

Don’t see the perfect topic or format here? If you have a different idea in mind, we would be happy to work with you to create a training product that will suit the specific needs of your organization or group.

Contact us now to start exploring the possibilities.